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Tina focuses on social engagement, experience and enquiry through creative Art4Art practices and Waste2Art initiatives aimed at community, educational, young offenders’ organisations and public events within mainstream environments and non-traditional spaces; offering positive platforms for individuals to explore change and awareness to a better way of living ad well being.

Her workshops examine the influence of the sustainability of our individual and collective life style choices and its impact on the planet’s natural resources to elicit individual and collective environmental action, taking ownership. These actions can explore Separation Education on Zero Waste through waste collections, discussions, creation and evaluation.

‘What is our responsibility towards each other and towards our environment?’

Her existing methods or working further explore self-awareness and awareness of others through individual and collective interactive activities where space welcome the expression of feelings and thoughts within a collaborative environment to further explore sense of self-esteem and motivation. These interactive techniques engage participants in fun, and childlike enquiries while raising some mindful, ethical questions. The initiatives aim to reconnect self-esteem/confidence to take action.

Her work consists of conceptual recycled materials in sculptures, visual art, multimedia and installations by creating and commissioning new work with the possibility for a relational art. Such work is to encourage physical and emotional engagement to raise awareness on; how to reduce our individual and collective ecological footprint; promoting and encouraging positive action; how these affect our well being and mental health.

She aims to explore new approaches enabling wider audience accessibility and to support individual, community, organisational and professional specific developments. We are committed to supporting, developing and promoting diversity equality and cultural exchange in all our practices and activities whilst providing a safe working environment. All elements can be adapted to the setting and to Health and Safety requirements.

Her expertise in participatory art and interdisciplinary practices within social and creative engagements provide exploratory and various ability and sets of skills to project provisions whilst maintaining ethical integrity. She offers secure achievable leadership and balance to the projects dissemination whilst providing beneficial support, positive and reflective individual dynamism to groups, individuals and to each other.

She prides herself to deconstructing to reconstructing through creative methods to inspire the processes of recycling, reusing, upcycling towards positive environmental action.

Tina teaches in various settings – College mainstream, 14+, Foundation Programmes, Young Offender, Offender, Community, Foundation Degrees,Off the Page Fine Art Programme and private tuition.

 For more information Contact Tine here

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