School Creative Initiatives |Workshops

A Hampshire Council primary school wanted their Year 3 and Year 4 students to take part in creative project through play. Tina from My Friendly Planet designed an initiative to explore and encourage participation – awareness of others and self through a collaborative and collective artwork  whilst listening to A Bao A Qu from Anthology of Fantastic Zoology by Mason Bates: Performance | BBC Music – Ten Pieces.

‘Explore some of the following creative methods to create your artwork.’

School children were introduced to artists Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky working methods to explore expressionism and abstract art with an emphasis on colour and movement.

Artist Participants were invited to create a collective piece of artwork in groups onto rolls of paper installed in their school hall.

Artist Participants explored the opportunities to working with each other in sharing the experience, resources and ideas. They experimented with paint, pastels, glue and charcoal to create freestyle artworks whilst listening  to A Bao A Qu from Anthology of Fantastic Zoology by Mason Bates: Performance | BBC Music – Ten Pieces. Their collective and collaborative giant artworks were displayed throughout the day.

The day’s activities where spaces that welcomed the expression of feelings and thoughts within a collaborative environment which brought about positive sense of self-esteem and motivation.

All artists were able to reflect on their experience and their work throughout the day and days after.

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