HELP – Hercules Link Pod

HELP – Hercules Link Pod – 5th Dimension Connector Installation 2021

HELP – Hercules Link Pod – 5th Dimension Connector – Complete Narrative

As an interdisciplinary artist, my creative approach is to deconstruct and reconstruct found objects into repurposing its use to elicit social engagement and active participation. For this piece she has reconstructed this unused Hercules Link boiler into a 5th Dimension connector pod as a symbol to connect and reconnect within the layers of time, space, and energy. 

HELP – Hercules Link Pod – 5th Dimension Connector is a gateway to the possibilities for ascension and integration; an invitation to explore higher vibration and healing narratives to awaken the true essence of what is to be when transitioning from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. It is accessing the potential and power of positive energies based in love to awaken the freedom to be limitless, to be love and to be Divine. A journey to experience a unified field of consciousness, connecting our spiritual source to higher emotional and limitless frequencies. All of which is generated by the energy of compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and gratitude. It is to access the choice to freedom from fear, beliefs, judgement, perception, separation, and scarcity from our perceived reality. To be is to action clarity, presence, empowerment, and creativity, all of which enables active connections with others and ourselves. 

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