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“Because art is made of the same material as the social exchanges, it has a special place in the collective process. A work of art has a quality that sets it apart from other things produced by human activities. This quality is it’s (relative) social transparency” (Bourriaud, 2002).

As a lead artist at My Friendly Planet and CAS Artist, art lecturer, artist practitioner and educationalist with over twenty-nine years’ experience of working within Further and Higher Education, creative industries and non-traditional spaces. I embrace expertise and longstanding commitment with a high value on excellence and creativity to practice, education and research. My interdisciplinary practice gears me towards participatory art and social exchanges, whilst promoting social, cultural exchange and dialogues between interactive partnerships.


I AM ME| The ICE Project YEAR TWO – Tina Sanchez/My Friendly Planet & Y Services LGBT Group.

I AM ME: My Creative Journey gave Y Services LGBT+ youth group an opportunity to explore, express, experience and exchange ideas and concepts of identity relating to the LGBT+ community. Young people’s mental health and emotional well-being were threads that ran through the meaningful relationships between young people and the medium of art. The group have experimented with wire work, collage, soap making and bead work to create a unique final installation. The project helped young people with their emerging sexual identity and gender identity. I am me, I am you, I am him, I am her, I am us, I am they, I am them, I am: I am.

More information on the ICE Project here

The ICE Project programme is a collaboration between Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

‘GROWING’, was a young offender reflective and creative pilot project at HMP Winchester. The aim was ‘An invitation to explore the concepts of transformation, change and identity’. This collaborative project was developed between Petersfield Arts Society, HMP Winchester, HMPPS Psychology Services, CAS artists  Tina Sanchez and Laurence Rushby and secured £10,000.00. The project is currently publicised in the Trinity College Arts Award publications.

For more information about GROWING here


  • MA Fine Art
  • BA(Hons) Education & PCET
  • Welding & Fabrication Qualified
  • CAS Artist 
  • My Friendly Planet Lead Artist – Manager
  • Arts Award Adviser


  • Lecturer in Arts in Education and Society – BA ED University of Chichester
  • Lead Artist – Running art classes, workshops and projects at My Friendly Planet
  • Lecturer at International College of Portsmouth – Art & Design Foundation Degree – Architecture; Interior Design; Illustration; Graphic Design; Animation; Fashion Design; Design Concepts; ICT; Interactive Learning and Communication Skills and  New Media and Digital Culture.
  • Art & Creative Consultant
  • Private Tutoring Academic Skills: Essay Writing, Presentation Skills – MFP
  • Private Tutoring with World of Music Education – WOMED 


  • The Day That Pompey Stood Still –DVMISSION 48-Hour Film Challenge 2020– Prop Production with MFP
  • L’Insominac à L’Aube Installation – Inside/Outside Laboratory of Dissent 2.0, Chapel Arts Studios- Winchester Gallery 02 Nov – 06 Dec 2019
  • Aladdin Arts Workshop at the Kings Theatre – Creative Social Engagement Project for looked after Young People November 2019
  • I AM ME | The ICE Project 2018/19
  • The Creative Circle World Music Village Victorious Festival 2019
  • The Secret Circle World Music Village Victorious Festival 2018
  • Rhythm Hub World Music Village Victorious 2018/19
  • Bohemian Queen Boho Gear Workshops
  • ‘Ten Pieces’- Harestock Primary School – 2018 – Lead Artist & Facilitator
  • ‘Art Will Always Find Its Own Way to Exist’ Sculpture 2018 – Creative contribution to: the #tateexchange#London on #Resistance#collaborative mosaic at #tatemodern. – Silver, Recycled Iron & Bricks
  • ‘GROWING’ HMP/YOI Winchester 2017
  • ‘Ripple Rhythms’ Installation World Music Village Victorious 2017
  • ‘Making of Albert Road’ Workshop – Albert Road Traders 2017
  • ‘Voltaire Collection’ ORBEC, CALVADOS NORMANDY – 3-5 June 2016
  • ‘POISE 6’ Southsea, Hampshire, England 2015
  • ‘BREW HA! HA!MA MA’ Fine Art End of Year Show Eldon Building, Univeristy of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 2015
  • ‘INTERIM’ MA Fine Art Interim Show Eldon Building, Univeristy of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 2015
  • MA Fine Art Interim Show Eldon Building, Univeristy of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 2014
  • Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, Hampshire, England 2014
  • MA Fine Art Interim Show Eldon Building, Hampshire, England 2013

Other Creative Misc.

  • Highbury College Skills for Work Exhibition, Portsmouth, 2009  – Curator
  • Graffiti Specs Lane Motivate Youth Project, Portsmouth, 2006 – Graffiti co-ordinator
  • Paulsgrove Carnival, Paulsgrove, 2005 – Float coordinator designer, construction, and artist paint and props
    London School of Samba, Notting Hill Carnival, 1997 – Dancing & dressmaker
  • The Lords Mayor Show Portsmouth, 1996 – Float Coordinator designer, construction and artist paint and props
    Mental Health Awareness Week, Winchester 1995 – Artist leader workshop & installation
  • Café Citrus, Ace of Clubs Exhibition, Portsmouth, 1995 – Portsmouth MIND
  • The Lords Mayor Show Portsmouth, 1994 – Float Coordinator designer, construction, artist paint and props
  • Arts Connection 10 Anniversary, Portsmouth, 1995 – Artist leader
    Fashion Show Polyvalente Emile Legault, St-Laurent, CA, 1987- Event coordinator, set designer and prop and model
  • Fashion Show Gargouille, Montreal, 1986 – Event co-ordinator, set designer and props, and fashion coordinator
  • Fashion Show PGL, Montreal, 1985 – Event coordinator, a set designer and props and model
  • Gargouille Exhibition, Montreal, 1984 – Curator and exhibiting artist 
  • Spectrum, Fashion Show Tempo Topaz, Montreal 1982 – Model
  • Sculpture Henri Bourassa Metro mural, Montreal – displayed since 1979 – Young artist

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